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How To Clean Crocs

Options For Cleaning Your Crocs

Crocs have been widely popular since their introduction in 2002, and for good reason. They are known for their long lasting construction, and comfortableness for the wearer. What makes Crocs so comfortable, and how can you wash and clean them?

First, let us consider how Crocs are constructed to better understand how to clean and care for them. Crocs are made from foam resin, and the founders of Crocs have even trademarked this type of foam. It is made to conform to the wearers feet, making them very comfortable. The foam is also ultra light, adding to the comfort of the shoes.

Due to the foam resin material, this makes it simple to keep your Crocs clean and looking new. One thing to avoid is heat with your Crocs. This will cause them to fad, and in some cases shrink. So avoid the sun, hot cars, a washer or washing machines.

One of the simplest and easiest to keep your classic Crocs clean is simply by wiping them clean with soap and water. After that, wipe them dry with a clean cloth. Now, there are many types of Crocs, with the upper material made with other materials than foam. How can keep you those Crocs clean?

If you have Crocs made with Metallic leather, it is important to clean them with a damp cloth followed by a leather cream. This will keep them looking like new. Also, if your Crocs have Smooth Napa leather, be sure to remove all loose dirt gently, and then apply a show wax in circles.

There are several things to remember when keeping care of your Crocs, to keep them looking brand new. First, never expose them to any kind of heat as this can damage them. Also, always clean your Crocs with the appropriate product to what type of material your Crocs are made from.

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Are Crocs Bad for Toddler’s Feet?

Since toddlers are new to the whole walking thing, it’s important to know if Crocs are safe for their feet before buying them. Do Crocs provide enough support? Can Crocs actually cause damage to toddlers feet or their walking development?

For the most part, yes, Crocs are totally fine for toddlers to wear.

The only real safety issue is not so much with the Crocs, but comes when new walkers get to running while wearing their Crocs.

Since Crocs are a bit on the ‘clunky’ side, some kids tend to trip a lot while running in them.

All in all, Crocs are totally safe for kids except when they will be doing a lot of running.